What is

NITROs are 100% FLAT PROOF, HIGH PERFORMANCE foam innertubes that replace traditional pneumatic innertubes.


NITROs are high tech foam tubes made from proprietary elastomers that have millions of nitrogen charged micro-cells.  This means that you can cut, puncture, tear, and hammer our NITROS and they will continue to perform, giving you confidence to finish the race or make it back out of the trail without concern.  NITROs also come in two different PSI feels, The 10-12spi Platinum and the 6-8psi Plushie.

We also offer the NITROWEDGE, a short section of mousse that allows you to increase the psi feel or extend the life of one with many hours on it.

Who uses



should I use?

PLATINUM = 10-12 psi “STANDARD” feel NITRO

Best for all around riding,
everything from single track to moto or wide open desert.


PLUSHIE = 6-8 psi “SOFT” feel NITRO

Best for slower speed technical riding
like endurocross, and hard enduro riding.

What is

NITROWEDGE is simply an 8″ section of a NITRO that can be added to increase the psi feel of a NITROMOUSSE.


NITROWEDGE allows you to increase the PSI feel of any NITROMOUSSE by adding foam volume to the current mousse, giving you the ability to “tune” the psi feel.

You can also use it to increase the psi feel of a NITRO that has a lot of hours on it and make it last even longer. Get more bang for your buck with NITROWEDGE!

Cooling Gel

NITROLUBE is an ULTRA high-quality silicone based lubricant that substantially reduces heat buildup in your tire. This is critical in getting the longest life out of a NITRO. No other lubricant works better to ensure the life of your NITRO.

  • NITROLUBE is a high-quality silicone based lubricant made specifically for our NITROMOUSSE. It substantially reduces friction, dispersing heat and ensuring a long life of your NITRO
  • Because of the high efficiency of NITROLUBE only 1 tube per install is needed.
  • You do not need to re-lube as long as any extra valve holes in your rim are covered and you are not losing lubricant.

CAUTION! DO NOT USE SOAP BASED lubricants (like Murphey’s) with a NITRO, as mounting pastes are only meant to be temporary and then dry up. These types of lubricants WILL cause premature wear and or failure.



Offroad tire sizing is extremely inconsistent between tire models. For example, a Kenda IBEX 110/100-18 takes NM18-285 and a Metzler MC4 110/100-18 takes NM18-325 which is 2 sizes larger than the NITRO for the Kenda tire.

Here are 3 search options to find the NITRO that matches your specific tire.


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Original Fitment Chart

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Simple and Pinch-Free

Quick Tips

Always MAKE SURE you have the correct size mousse for your specific tire. Check it HERE.

ONLY use NITROLUBE or a high quality silicone based gel lubricants that are rubber-safe (like Napa Sil-Glyde PART#7651346) when mounting (do not use tire mounting paste or other non-silicone based lubricants as they will dramatically shorten the operating life of the NITRO).

Installation is all about technique. Getting the BEAD of the tire to drop into the center of the RIM is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of it, and using bead ramps (see video) is the key. This is also what allows the tire to go on with less effort. ALSO be cautious when using long levers, and just forcing the tire on as you can break the tire’s bead. On the up-side there is no risk of damage to the nitro by pinching it.


Watch these videos for the correct,
simple installation and removal techniques.

Install Demo Video

Install is not hard to do, but technique is key. Learn the proper technique on mousse installation

Removal Demo Video

Taking the mousse out to change the tire is easy if you do it right.  Watch to learn how it’s done.


Answers to the most common questions …

As with anything, it is all about technique.  If you use the wrong technique, installing a mousse is very hard, use the right technique and it is much easier.  We have created videos and written instructions to aid you in installing Nitromousse in the easiest possible way.

Well, how long do your tires last? Or your bike? The answer is that it is different for everyone depending on many factors.  In head-to-head test Nitromousse regularly lasted at least twice as long as other mousses, but the exact time is different for everyone.

Mousses are 100% flat proof, if this is your top priority, then it might be a better choice. The TUbliss is designed to improve on every aspect of performance, protection and adjustability compared to a tube. If you want the security of not getting a flat, then a mousse is probably best for you. If you want the ultimate in performance and adjustability, then the TUbliss is the better option. Some even find it is best to combine the two with Nitro in the front tire and TUbliss in the rear for complete flat-proofing on the front for bashing rocks and ultimate traction from the drive tire in the rear.

First and most important check the fitment chart to be sure you have the right Nitro for your tire.  Next, how old is your Nitromousse, is it possible that your mousse has reached the end of its usable life?  If all of that is ok, then this is what to do. If you have installed a valve from an old tube to plug the extra hole in the rim, then just shoot some air into the tire to seat the bead. If you don’t have a way to use air, you can ride slowly on the tire and usually the bead will seat itself.

The NitroWedge comes with installation instructions but in its simplest form you are just adding a piece to the current mousse. First make a cut in the mousse, put the cut mousse in your tire, spread the cut ends apart inside of the tire, measure the gap, and install a piece 2”-4” longer than the gap.  This can be adjusted up or down to the feel you are looking for.

Yes and No…With SOME tires that have more of a TEAR DROP inner shape, it does need 1-2 heat cycles for the foam to suck down into the rim and form to the tire.  This is not a “break-in” as much as it is a “settling-in” period.

While Nitromousse is much more stable in temperature changes than other tire systems, extremes in temperature can have an effect on how the Nitro feels in your tires, especially extreme cold.  Cold can make a mousse feel stiffer than warmer temperatures.

Rim width can be different on different bikes.  It is usually stamped onto the rim, but not always.  It is important to know your bike’s rim width so you know which mousse to use with your tires as the rim may change with mousse you need.

Nitromousse are purposely designed to be a bit smaller than the rim so that they can suck down into the drop center of the rim.  This gives better bead pressure and sidewall stability in hard cornering.

Yes, we recommend that you should always use a rim lock with your Nitromousse. The rim lock is an essential safety feature of a dirt bike wheel.

Yes!  We have tested everything from axle grease to personal lubricants and NOTHING outperforms NitroLube for mousse lubrication and heat dissipation. Using anything else will shorten the life of your Nitro.

One per tire change.  As long as you have covered any unused valve holes with either rim tape or put a valve cut from an old tube inside to plug it, and have taped the rim to cover the spoke nipples, there is no need to re-lube your Nitro or use more than the 1 tube provided in the package.  The only time you need to add a tube of lube is when you are changing your Nitro to a new tire.

Nitromousse is about as heavy as a heavy duty Innertube. So, Nitromousse it is heavier than a standard tube but the same as a heavy or ultra-heavy duty tube. (is this correct or is it about as heave as an UHD tube?)